What are Employer Sponsored Concierge Benefits?

These days, employees go through a lot of stress.

According to an article published on the website https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/, in the year 2018, 89% of employees across the country suffer from stress.

Well, from 2018 to 2019, the number mustn’t have dropped considerably, if at all there’s a drop in it.

The company’s objectives, ambitions, and its attempts to outperform its competitors often take a toll on the health, well-being and the personal life of its employees.

As a result, employees suffer from stress at workplace, and fail to pay attention towards their family, domestic responsibilities.

However, that’s not it. These two factors keep deteriorating the quality of work at the workplace.

Now, that’s concerning for employers! A job devoid of quality is as good as the job not done.

Monetary incentives don’t always and necessarily work.

Money can’t replace the personal time employees lose out of excessive workloads.

Employers must look at stress differently.

If household responsibilities and commitments are the reason of stress, they must consider hiring employer sponsored concierge benefits.

This will have several benefits for employers and employees in both, the short as well as the long run.

So, what are the employer-sponsored benefits?

Here’s a blog that talks about it.

Benefits of Employer Sponsored Concierge Services

In the blog, 50 ways to use a concierge (add a hyperlink), I spoke about the ways an employee can use concierge services to his/ her benefits.

The idea emphasizing this fact is to highlight range, encompassing as good as 50 ways that proves beneficial for employees.

Employees are relieved out of 50 domestic jobs that may demand them to compromise work, and step out of the office (in the office’s working hours) to fulfill them.

So here, an employer gets the full 8-9 working hours of an employee, and therefore the expected productivity.

But, there are many other benefits. Let us take a look at them.

  1. Improved Work Quality

When employees stay stress-free, they naturally start liking the work, and focus more on completing it in time, and the desired levels of quality.

This, in turn, improves customer service, and retains the company’s reputation.

  • Happy Employees!

A happy employee isn’t a myth. It is a reality.

They say happy employees result in happy customers.

So, if employee happiness is so critical, why not go for a corporate concierge service that will simplify things for your employees?

  • Increased Employee Engagement

A happy employee result in a higher employee engagement.

Such employees will work with an optimal zeal. They will spread positivity in the workplace, instead of negativity, which an unhappy employee is more likely to spread.

There are many other benefits that employers will gain through a corporate concierge service in the long run. Employers can save a lot of revenue leakage resulting out of daily wastage of the total number of man hours.

  • Employees Feel Cared for

Often, employees are treated as machines, or robots.

Employers aren’t considerate enough to care about the personal lives of their employees.

An employer-sponsored concierge service, however, signifies that an employer is considerate towards his employees, and employees too feel cared for! This increases employee loyalty, and employee engagement levels.


As you’ve seen, an initiative, in the form of a service to the employees, brings so many benefits.

As a responsible employer, you must be caring and concerned enough to help your employees with their domestic chores. This is because the more engaged the employee is, the more whole-heartedly he will work for your company!

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