How a Business would benefit from a Corporate Concierge?

How a Business would benefit from a Corporate Concierge?

According to a report published on, the global concierge industry, in 2018, was valued at USD 537.6 million.

Besides, it is projected to register a CAGR of 5.3% from 2019-2025.

These figures, to a large extent, indicate that the global concierge industry is growing.

However, more importantly, these statistics indicate the increasing acceptance of concierge services in the corporate culture!

But then, why do you thinkconcierge services are becoming so important to companies across the globe?

Or, in other words, in what way do you think does a business benefit out of concierge services?

Let us find an answer to this question through this blog.

Benefits of Corporate Concierge Services

Conventionally, concierge services were limited to hotels.

The concierge used to assist guests in booking event tickets, booking a car service, etc.

The fundamental idea of a concierge was to help guests with additional services, looking after which wasn’t practically possible for them.

The idea is still the same. However, concierge services aren’t confined to hotels anymore. They have extended their scope to have entrenched in the corporate culture as well.

Companies, nowadays, look forward to hiring concierge services as they see a lot of employee-related benefits, which you will now be reading.

  1. Reduces Employee Stress

Workplace stress, in the form of missed healthcare and domestic responsibilities, costs companies billions of dollars every year!

Of course, continuing with such huge losses isn’t practically possible for any company.

Hence, corporate concierge services, in the modern-age, prove crucial for every company.


These services aim at relieving employees out of their domestic concerns such as paying bills, servicing the car, or taking an elderly family member to the doctor, and many others.

Knowing that someone’s there to take care of these chores reduces their stress to a large extent.

  1. Increased Focus on Work and Improved Quality

Booking a concierge service online through the concierge portal, or schedule it in-person at the concierge desk helps employees focus on their work even better.

Those domestic concerns don’t bother them as much anymore, and which is why they can focus on work, while at work, and leave the rest to the concierge services vendor.

Naturally, when an employee is stress-free and is more focused at work, he/she will deliver better quality, which is another way how concierge services prove beneficial to employers.

  1. Employees and Businesses can Enjoy Different Types of Services

Concierge services have genuinely evolved over the years. They don’t just help you pay off your bills but look after a wide range of other services.

This includes hiring a personal assistant to look after the employee’s travel arrangements, taking the car for a car wash, fueling the vehicle, send a courier, deliver checks, buy grocery, shop for daily utilities, schedule an appointment with the doctor, and many others.

Besides, employees and businesses too can book corporate concierge services for business support such as scheduling a lawyer appointment, dealing with vendors, event planning, arranging for employee rewards and recognition program, etc.

In other words, concierge services reach where business owners and employees can’t or don’t have the time to reach.

  1. Increased Employee Satisfaction

Household responsibilities lingering on the minds of the employees may prove a problem for business owners.

Such employees aren’t engaged as much at work and aren’t as satisfied either.

It creates an unhealthy working environment, wherein most of the employees seem to be discussing household responsibilities.

Often, they’ll be discussing how staying glued to the company’s work desk is hampering their domestic duties.

Although these discussions and the dissatisfaction may not concern you initially, it will eventually.

This is because the productivity and the quality of work of such employees remain perpetually low.

A convenient concierge service, however, keeps such concerns away. In a way, it contributes to employee satisfaction, as employees feel more valued and appreciated.

  1. Augmenting Brand Profile

Corporate concierge services don’t just benefit you in the form of satisfied employees, but also add to customer delight.

A prospect may feel happy when he sees that you care for your employees, and will care for him as well.

Personal concierge services help strengthen customer loyalty. These services further help develop healthier interactions with your clients.

This may not seem as important apparently, as the benefits may not be visible immediately.

However, you’ll feel the difference when you garner appreciations from a client for going the extra mile to help or assist him.


No matter, whether you are an MNC with a large number of employees, or an SME employing a limited number of human resources, concierge services will help you in many different ways as discussed above.

I hope, this blog help you look at the larger picture, and helped you think why hiring a corporate concierge service will work well for your employee, for you as a company, and for your clients as well in the long run.

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