Happiness at Work 10 Tips for How to be Happy at Work

Happiness in the workplace is a multi-dimensional concept.

It isn’t an element or two that drive you to your workplace, but many.

It could be your friend who may be contributing to your happiness or the work you do.

It may be the work culture that intrigues you, or, it may be the status associated with your job.

So, if you think it is money that’s encouraging you to make your way to the office through the heavy morning traffic, perhaps, you aren’t looking at the complete picture!

And yes, happiness in the workplace isn’t a myth. For many, it is.

But, the fact is, it is a reality!

The Responsibility of Happiness

So, how do you remain happy in the workplace? Or, who do you think is entirely responsible for keeping you happy at your workplace?

Is it your manager who’s responsible for your workplace happiness, or is it your colleague, with whom you share a coffee every day?

Not really.

The answer is you!

Remember, the day at your workplace is all yours.

No, I am not talking about a presentation going well, or a report that garners appreciation.

I am referring to your approach that actually that keeps you going happily, even if you’ve had a bad, stressful, or tiring day at work.

It is what you do at your workplace that pretty much decides your workplace delight.

So, what is it that you can do to remain happy at your workplace?

There’s not one, but 10 things that can lead to happiness in the workplace.

Let us take a look at all of them!

  1. Whether to be Happy or not, it’s your Choice!

Work is gratifying, but it may not necessarily and always be conducive.

You’ll have hard times, come across politics, and a lot of other crap at work.

But, it is you who’ll decide whether to stay happy or not.

Simple, isn’t it?

It is indeed! But, initially, you may encounter some challenges. After all, it isn’t as simple to stay happy, when there’s much of negative artillery around.

Make it a habit to choose happiness over everything else at work. Try and stay with positive people as much as possible. Don’t let negative overpower your joy.

If you stick to your thoughts, nothing is as challenging!

  • Be Responsible for your own Personal and Professional Progress

You aren’t a school going kid anymore, but a grown-up professional, who understands what’s wrong and what’s right for personal and professional development.

So, take charge of your development.

Being stuck in a routine is quite easy and convenient.

But, convenience gradually transforms into stress, and stress graduates to unhappiness.

However, there’s a way out.

Your job may not always be exciting. But, you can make it appealing by learning something new every day.

Seek some help from your co-workers and your boss. There’s nothing wrong in it.

Giving happiness too is one way of staying happy in the workplace.

  • Do what you Love!

You may not work with the best of people, employer, or your work may not be as adorable.

But that doesn’t mean you let negativity creep in to the extent that you develop hatred towards everything.

There’s still a lot of room do to a lot of great things.

For instance, you may indulge in writing, reading, sketching, or doing something else that you love.

Try this out, and even a dull day at work won’t stress you as much, and you’ll love your job, as you’ll stay happy.

  • Accept Failures

Being a professional doesn’t mean you’ve transformed into a machine or a robot.

You may not always succeed. At times, you’ll have to accept failure.

Doing so will give you the strength to move on.

You’ll still have a moment of unhappiness, though.

But, just a moment and nothing more than that!

The next moment, you’ll be happy and geared up to take up the next assignment.

  • Don’t Over-Promise

It’s quite natural for all of us to over-promise while attempting to win a deal or convince someone.

But what happens when you can’t keep your promises?

Won’t it result in disappointment?

But, when you make promises you know you can’t keep, aren’t you knowingly heading towards unhappiness?

So, why complicate life, and why not keep it simple?

Hence, avoid over-promising or over-commitments. Instead, prepare and organize yourself. Plan things out and work the deal out.

That’s one way of staying away from unhappiness!

  •  Take Feedback Regularly

Take feedback from your seniors or your bosses regularly.

Regardless of whether you do well, or otherwise, ask your boss, and your colleagues to feed you back with their opinions and suggestions.

While appreciative feedback is readily acceptable, critical feedback may trigger disappointment.

Ensure that you take feedback regularly and positively. Negative feedback is something aimed at improvement, and hence, don’t let that deter you from doing well the next time.

Such an approach will help you stay happy and motivated at all times.

  • Stay Miles Away from Negativity

It is quite easy to drift into negative gossips and backbiting and getting attracted to negative people.

But, it is tough to step out, as negativity becomes a habit.

So, why not avoid it, and stay miles away from negative people, negative talks, and therefore negativity?

This will avoid negative culture, and therefore prevent negativity from spreading in the office.

When there’s nothing negative around, you’ll automatically feel happy!

  • Make Friends at your Workplace

They say you shouldn’t make friends at your workplace.

Well, I say, why not?

Making friends at work isn’t bad, provided the friendship doesn’t hamper productivity, or it spoils the working environment.

In fact, friends at work are healthy, as your friends stand by you, help you, at times criticize you, but eventually help you progress.

So, go ahead and make friends! You’ll feel happier working with friends, rather than co-workers.

  • Don’t Run Away from Conflicts

Running away from or delaying a conflict is the most dangerous habit you can get into in your professional life.

The more you avoid them, the more they swell, and at a point, burst, compelling things out of control.

Face conflicts.

I know, saying this is way simpler than actually doing it. But, you can’t run away from every battle of your life, can you?

So, why not face and fight these as well?

You may fail the first time. But, at least you now know, you can handle conflicts.

The next time, you stand a better chance of succeeding and creating a win-win situation for all the parties.

Eventually, you will realize, being able to handle conflicts, and resolving those gives immense happiness!

  1. Help your Colleagues at Work

Helping people gives me a lot of happiness. I’ve experienced it.

You too may resonate with my thoughts.

Try out helping someone who is in need. Helping won’t just help the person overcome the challenge, but also establish your voluntary initiative, which the management will undoubtedly appreciate.

So, at times, help people selflessly. Seeing someone smiling, and being the reason for it is more rewarding than everything else.

  1. If Everything Fails, Search Another Job!

If none of the above works, despite the best of your efforts, and approach, don’t waste time.

Get up and search for another job.

Working in a new environment, and with new people will help you reset your approach and help you lead a happier life at your workplace.

Of course, your new job too won’t be perfect, or abode of happiness.

Expect flaws everywhere.

But, this time, you’ll be fresh and more hopeful about working out something good!


Remember, staying happy is entirely in your control. No one, I repeat, no one in this world can, or instead must decide onto your happiness at work, or elsewhere.

The most crucial element in your happiness is you. Realize this, and you’ll never feel dull or unhappy at work!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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