50 Ways to use a Concierge


Corporate concierge services are a comprehensive solution to relieve employees out of their domestic responsibilities while at work.

If you think your concierge can only assist you with paying your bills, you aren’t utilizing your concierge service to the fullest.

This blog will talk about 50 ways how you can use your concierge service.

So, here’s more to it.

  1. Book and manage vacations.
  2. Book concert, event, movie and sporting event tickets.
  3. Conduct internet research on a particular topic.
  4. Offer transportation services to family members.
  5. Offer business referral services.
  6. Book a table at a restaurant.
  7. Look after your pet back home.
  8. Shop for you.
  9. Run at the postal office and post letters for you.
  10. Buy grocery.
  11. Buy hardware material
  12. Care for seniors at home.
  13. Facilitate modified house-sitting and check-ins
  14. Collect or return a gift.
  15. Find a good real estate agent and book your appointment with him whenever required.
  16. Deliver daily meals.
  17. Deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your family members as and when required.
  18. Pay your phone, utility bills, etc.
  19. Organize your home on a regular basis.
  20. Offer housekeeping services.
  21. Arrange for a charter jet, yacht, or a helicopter for those special moments.
  22. Deliver and collect parcels.
  23. Domestic inventory management
  24. Organize the disorganized office supply cabinet for which no one has the time.
  25. Deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner to nurses and doctors at hospitals.
  26. Schedule repair calls and appointments.
  27. Provide new mother services.
  28. Schedule business meetings, private parties and events.
  29. Offer personal chef services to you and your family members.
  30. Help single parents take care of their child.
  31. Assist employees with relocation services.
  32. Deliver gift baskets and flowers at various locations.
  33. Arrange for landscaping services.
  34. Set special day reminders, so that you never forget them.
  35. Collect and deliver a doctor’s prescription.
  36. Help you pack your stuff and move out of a place.
  37. Offer emergency babysitting services.
  38. Provide personal assistance at events, weddings, and various functions.
  39. Arrange security services if required.
  40. Schedule spa, steam-sauna appointments.
  41. Book an appointment with a fashion designer, or consultant.
  42. Manage your car maintenance.
  43. Arrange for your tee time at your sports club.
  44. Book different types of appointments for you.
  45. Provide guidance and a sight-seeing tour of the city for you, in case you are new to the city.
  46. Arrange catering services.
  47. Plan and book a weekend getaway for you.
  48. Offer office assistance whenever and wherever required.
  49. Return library books, and collect new ones.
  50. Drop and collect laundry clothes.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Corporate Concierge Services?

You’ve already seen the scope of hiring concierge services.

Concierge services cover everything –yes, everything that may keep lingering in your mind while at work.

You don’t have to worry about any of your domestic or household responsibilities.

If you’ve got a concierge, you can entirely focus on your work, while the concierge takes care of every responsibility back home.

So, here are some benefits of booking concierge services for you as well as your employer.

  • You can manage a genuinely wide range of personal services through your concierge.
  • The services save you a lot of time, as you don’t have to personally run out of the office to fulfill your domestic responsibilities.
  • You don’t have to worry about managing your household tasks. Your concierge will do it for you.
  • You stay relatively stress-free at work.
  • You are more satisfied now, and your employer as well feels happy about it.
  • You give your best at work.Concierge services, in a way, enhance your performance.
  • Concierge services improve your brand identity, as your customers stay assured about your commitment to offering services beyond your call of duty, whenever required.


I hope after reading this blog, you will delegate more responsibilities to your concierge, and relieve yourself out of a lot of otherwise time-consuming and demanding household responsibilities.

Employers must look at concierge services seriously, owing to the benefits in the long run, including employee satisfaction.

For more information, and the best concierge services, get in touch with today!

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