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Our Working Process

Consultation and Concept

We design our solutions considering the ethos of your organization and factoring your specific needs. We offer every client unique concepts and product suit which is tailor made. All solutions are consultative developed offering you the best of the loyalty experience.


Our Key Account Managers and SMEs work dedicatedly on your projects and keep continuously innovating the implementation strategies. All program implementations are swift and efficient.

Project Implementation

MIS, reviews and continuous improvements are the three pillars drive our implementation phase. Our tech platforms are hosted and managed by our selves and we maintain a fully owned and operated logistics channel across the country.


New products, services, access to top venues, fine crafted benefits, brand offers are all part of our strategy to enrich the customer experience.

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Our Services

The traditional method of sending mails is still in practice. Many organizations continue to receive mails, documents, packages and important legal documents through couriers and postal services as well as send out postal mail to their client, other businesses, employees and residences. Postal mails has its own legal significance.

With the constant flow of incoming and outgoing mail and couriers, tracking and organization of the documents is the biggest challenge for organizations. By outsourcing and automating this process, mailroom management software programs maintain the delivery cycle in a timely and efficient manner.

At Primera we have ensure that the mails are delivered in the right hands timely and that the organization does not loose upon these communications.

Every SME, Corporate, multi-departmental physical business must have a front office or a reception to receive the visitors. Front Office is often the face and as well as the voice of a business. The first impression of the organization is the front office for every client, visitor, business associate, and even for the employees. For any organization this is the most visible department. For any business, the front office department contributes in elevating customer experience with the business

Front Office department is a common link between the customers and the organization and thus needless to say the most crucial business function in the current era.

Primera offers its clients a ‘Managed Front Office’ service. We recruit from leading hospitality training organizations specialized in the sector.

Be it stamp papers requirement, petty cash management, travel desks, transport management, employee verifications, event management, team outing, optimize inventory, printing, visitor management solutions we have technology enabled platforms for all your corporate need.


Employee Experience

Our employee loyalty program helps you improve the employee engagement. Our solution help address real time issues such as stress, productivity and performance of the employees. We offer real time work life balance solutions for your employees.

Residential Experience

We offer a tailor-made customer loyalty program that positions your brand to your existing and future customers. Out tech platform manages your residential properties end to end. Generating engagement, offering curated benefits and creating memorable experiences of your customers to create affinity is what we offer on behalf of your brand

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