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Primera is, first and foremost, a customer-driven organization. Our prime directive is to create customer delight by consistently anticipating and exceeding expectations. Our domain expertise is 

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50 Ways to use a Concierge

Corporate concierge services are a comprehensive solution to relieve employees out of their domestic responsibilities while at work.


How a Business would benefit from a Corporate Concierge?

According to a report published on, the global concierge industry, in 2018, was valued at USD 537.6 million. READ MORE….

The Role of IT in the Hospitality Industry

I recently booked an air ticket for a domestic journey. The website also prompted me to book a hotel, and a car, and avail a reasonable discount for it. READ MORE….

In the Lap of Luxury

Imagine, you’ve bought an expensive luxury home, somewhere near a beach, and you are required to step out for maintenance, or repairs, or perhaps, to collect letters! READ MORE….

Impact of Stress Management at the Workplace

I recently came across an article, which said, around 89%, or in other words, 9 out of 10 people in India suffer from stress at the workplace. This is above the global figure of 86%. READ MORE….

Happiness at Work 10 Tips for How to be Happy at Work

Happiness in the workplace is a multi-dimensional concept. It isn’t an element or two that drive you to your workplace, but many. It could be your friend who may be contributing to your happiness or the work you do. READ MORE….

What are Employer Sponsored Concierge Benefits?

These days, employees go through a lot of stress. According to an article published on the website, in the year 2018, 89% of employees across the country suffer from stress. READ MORE….


“Concierge services is not a corporate social anymore it is the business imperative and must have program for everyone. It provides a great work-life balance and addresses real time issues such as stress, productivity, and retention. Can we afford NOT to have the best solutions partner? “
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