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Private membership

This functionality is significantly for the most perceptive individuals.

You want to plan an important event or trip or carry out important domestic work, but your busy schedule is not allowing you to do so? Do not worry! We are here to help you out. Primera provides you with your very own private concierge service. Our personalized service is literally accessible to you at any point via phone, email or online, 24×7. Prima Private Membership is all about turning your wish and desires into experiences.

If you choose our private concierge services, you will be provided with your own personal team of highly talented concierges to carry out your tasks efficiently. These assistants will take care of your tastes and requirements and the end result would be what you had desired.

On the top of that, the annual membership charges for the private concierge services are minimal. In a way, we guarantee you that the services provide would be really quick, of high quality and mainly in tune with your requirements.

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